Achievement - by Mark Huddleston

An integral part of the Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship Scheme's poster is the painting Achievement by Indigenous artist Mark Huddleston.
This painting depicts the struggles Aboriginal people are confronted by when gaining appropriate qualifications. The dots around the outside represent the communities/community members that partake in some form of training and the hard work they do to break through the barriers that many Aboriginal people face in society.
The outer circle (outlined in white) has community meetings/gatherings, which enable Aboriginal people the permission and advice to go forth with their educational requirements.

The Inner circle is the institution where they will gain the necessary knowledge to be professional in whatever field they wish to follow. The tutors/lecturers (shown as brolgas) assist them to succeed and oversee them in their progress. The scenery at the bottom is the one place that they can always escape to as Aboriginal people belonging to the earth. This will help them continue and achieve outcomes that are successful.