Registered events

New South Wales

Organisation: Maitland Private Hospital
Event date: 9 May 2012
Event time: 07.00am
Event venue: Staff dining room
Description of event: Brunch 7am till 10am for all nursing and support staff to celebrate the ongoing commitment and constancy of our Nurses and Midwives. Recognition of the contribution and participation in improving practice through the use of evidence and reflection will be recognised. Nurses and midwives will be encouraged to share their stories to highlight the importance of developing an environment that encourages the use of evidence based approaches to nursing.
Organisation: ISLHD - Shoalhaven Community Nurses
Event date: 09 May 2012
Event time: 01.30pm
Event venue: St Georges Basin Community Health Centre
Description of event: Celebration and Lunch prior to our monthly Education Session.
Lunch supplied by ENs and NUM.

Organisation: Casino AMS
Event date: 10 May 2012
Event time: 10.30am
Event venue: Casino AMS, 43 johnston St, Casino NSW 2470
Description of event: Morning tea to promote nursing and reflect on Closing the Gap, evidenct to action.
Organisation: Nursing and Midwifery Office & Intensive Care Co-ordination and Monitoring Unit Ministry of Health
Event date: 10 May 2012
Event time: 11.00am
Event venue: UNSW CBD Campus 
Description of event: The ICU Best Practice project is a collaborative project between NaMO and ICCMU.  We will hold the celebration of International Nurses Day during a two day workshop where nursing and allied health care staff are commencing the development of seven evidence based patient care guidelines for Intensive Care patients.   
Organisation: University of Western Sydney School of Nursing & Midwifery
Event date: 10 May 2012
Event time: 12.30pm
Event venue: Campbelltown, Hawkesbury,  Parramatta Campuses
Description of event: Lunch will be held on each of the UWS campuses where Nursing and Midwifery courses are presented.
Organisation: Kareena Private Hospital
Event date: 11 May 2012
Event time: 11:00 AM
Event venue: Kareena Private Hospital - 86 Kareena Road Caringbah NSW 2229
Description of event: We plan to hold a staff appreciation morning tea for all of our nurses, midwives and clinical staff. We will have a spread of cakes and deserts for everyone, and will continue the celebrations for our night staff as well.
Organisation: Darlington Retirement Community
Event date: 11 May 2012
Event time: 12.00pm
Event venue: Staff amenities
Description of event: Barbecue lunch with mystery prizes
Organisation: Newcastle Private Hospital
Event date: 11 May 2012
Event time: 12.00pm
Event venue: Newcastle Private Hospital
Description of event: Staff BBQ and cake cutting celebration

Organisation: Booroongen Djugun Aged Care Facility
Event date: 11 May 2012
Event time: 01.00pm
Event venue: Aged  Care Gazebo
Description of event: We will be holding a BBQ lunch inside our newly built Gazebo!!
Organisation: University of New England - School of Health
Event date: 12 May 2012
Event time: 10.00am
Event venue: New England Regional Art Museum
Description of event: Brunch at the Art Museum Cafe.

Organisation: NETS NSW and PSN
Event date: 14 May 2012
Event time: 09.00am
Event venue: NETS and PSN base
Description of event: Breakfast celebrating International Nurses and International Midwives Days
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